Caribbean Journal of Law,Policy, and Social Change

The Caribbean  Journal of Law , Policy and Social Change  was started in 2010  as  the Caribbean Law Journal Online to promote writing and scholarship in law and policy the Caribbean community. In recognition of  the lasting and transformative value of social change , and the need to incorporate policy practices that create positive impacts in legislation, policymaking and implementation, the journal has been rebranded as the Caribbean Journal  of Law, Policy and Social Change. This is a peer reviewed journal sponsored by the Caribbean and Americas Intellectual Property Organization ( We invite you to contribute your expertise in collaboration with those who support the concept of scholarship for development of the Caribbean and its peoples. We welcome submissions on interdisciplinary research which examines current and future areas of many field in the humanities including economic, environmental , sociological , climte related, gender isuues, food security , intellectual property and others. The aim is to broaden the discourse on the future of the region and to help move individuals, groups and scoieties in the region towards a more just and sustainable future.

We welcome your submissions and look forward to adding your contributions to the discourse.


The journal invites you to submit your manuscripts on for consideration. THERE IS NO FEE FOR PUBLICATION.

Types of manuscripts:

Research articles


Case reviews

Book reviews

CJLPSC  Volume 1. 2024


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